There are several types of high schools in the Slovakia. Our exchange students are mostly placed into so called “Gymnázium” (Upper Secondary school or High school) which are designed to prepare students for further education on universities. The system of teaching varies from school to school but generally it is more authoritative than in western countries. The school day begins at around 8 a.m. and classes end around 2 p.m. There are usually six or seven classes during a day and last 45 minutes each. The schools start on the 2nd September and ends on June 30th.

You probably won´t have the opportunity to choose subjects and will generally be taught Math, Slovak language, 1-2 foreign languages (selection of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian – depends on school), Geography, History, Biology, PE, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, and Civics. In some schools, there is also a possibility to attend school courses in the afternoon. In Slovakia, the best grade is 1 (excellent = výborný) and the worst is 5 (insufficient).

Teachers are spoken by Mrs. Brown (pani Brownová), not by the first names. And almost every school have an own school canteen. It means, that most of the students do have their lunch there. Mostly no selection is possible, if being vegetarian you usually cannot get a special vegetarian dish.