Remember that:

  • relationship with your host family is the closest relation that you should establish during your exchange
  • your host family will expect you to become an active member of the family

rodina v horách - súrodenci

Typical Slovak family?

It is very hard to describe a Slovak family, as there are quite significant regional differences. It is said that the western and north-western part of Slovakia is less cheerful and harder to open up, while the eastern and southern Slovakia is more passionate and emotional. This is very difficult to prove! But this is up to you to discover!

Many Slovak families have their own children. Both parents go to work during the week and in the free time (if they have some) they have their own activities or help kids with school tasks.

Weekends are usually “family time” – most families try to eat together (starting with breakfast), organize trips together, do grilling, meet with friends, sports together (or support family members who do some sports) or work together in the garden. You will be expected to take part in these activities or to make your own plans.

Slovakia is small country but with a lot of diversity – so you can be placed in family in small town, village, bigger city (our biggest city – our capital has less than 500.000 inhabitants!); in family which spends its time at home or travel a lot; in family which loves to do sports or in one which loves to attend cultural events… See it as an opportunity to learn about different lifestyle!