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Výlet do Bratislavy organizovaný Svendom a Alex

8. júna 2018 @ 13:00 - 9. júna 2018 @ 16:00

Aktuálni výmenní študenti na Slovensku, Alex a Svend, si pripravujú pre výmenných študentov v Poľsku, Česku, Rakúsku a Maďarsku výlet po Bratislave.


We would like to offer you a trip to the small, but beautiful and underrated capital city of Slovakia: Bratislava. In this city, that is located right on the Danube not far from the border to Austria or the city of Vienna, you will have the opportunity to meet many exchange students from Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and of course also from Slovakia.

Interested? The trip will start on Saturday the 9th of June and end on the 10th of June. But do not hesitate too long, as the deadline for signing up is May 25th.

What will we see?

  • The Bratislava castle by night
  • The world war 2 memorial called Slavin
  • The UFO observation deck that has the best view over the city
  • The architectural masterpiece of the pyramidic Slovak Radio Building
  • A walking tour through the city center “guided” by the inbound students
    in Slovakia
  •  Aupark Shopping Center


  • We will try traditional (czecho)Slovak foods at the 1. Slovak Pub
  • Ice cream from one of the more famous ice cream shops in Bratislava: Koun
  • A Czechoslovak Food challenge
  • Visiting Palacinka Lacinka, where you can try Palacinky (Slovak version of
    crepes) for under 50 cents


The participants will be staying one night in a hostel close to the main train station. The participants will be roomed in either 4-person or 6-person rooms.
Because of the uncertainty of the number of people participating, the price of the accommodation differs slightly.
Breakfast will be included in the price, but all other meals will have to be paid for by the participants themselves. Seeing as the typical meal in a restaurant in Bratislava costs around 7-10€, we recommend that they bring about 35€ for all food for the trip.

Participation Fee

We ask each participant to pay 25-30€ for the trip. This fee includes their accommodation plus breakfast, the food challenge, transportation costs, and the entrance fee to UFO.
The reason why there is no exact fee is because we aren’t able to book a hostel, as there is no information how many students will come, but we can make sure that it will be between those values. Once we know the final number of participants, we shall write each participant the official cost and where to transfer the money.
It DOESN’T include transport to and from Bratislava, money for meals, and pocket money.

Application Deadline

The deadline for sending money is the 31st of May. For contact purposes, please contact Alexandra Bethel Engle with the email address:

Saturday 9th of June:

13:22 – Arrival of Austrian Students 13:50 – Arrival of Czech Students
Before 14:15 – Arrival of Polish Students
14:30 – Lunch near to the hostel
16:00 – Walking tour from the Inbound Slovak Students (+ Volunteer)
18:45 – UFO Observation Deck
19:30 – Free time at Hviezdoslavovo Namestie (souvenirs + dinner)
20:30 – Bratislava Castle
22:00 – Back at hostel for lights out

Sunday 10th of June:

8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – Leaving hostel
9:40 – Slavin (World War 2 Memorial)
10:30 – Aupark Shopping Center
13:00 – Trying traditional Slovak cuisine at a Slovak restaurant
15:00 – Going back to Train Station (picking up luggage + Palacinka Lacinka)
16:00 – Everyone leaves via main train station


8. júna 2018 @ 13:00
9. júna 2018 @ 16:00
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Alex a Svend s podporou YFU Slovensko

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